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LuxCraft Poly Outdoor Furniture

Sale on Luxcraft/Crestville Poly Outdoor Furniture

LuxCraft Poly Outdoor - Amish Made with Pride in the USA!

Save on Our Full Line of Poly Lumber Furniture!

We at LuxCraft are the makers of the finest poly outdoor furniture available. Founded in 1990, LuxCraft poly lumber furniture began as a small 2 man business in the corner of a barn and has grown to well over 60,000 square feet of warehouse space. LuxCraft poly furniture comes with a lifetime limited warranty or commercial 5-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

So what sets LuxCraft apart from all other patio furniture manufacturers? We have set our core values so that each and every transaction and poly furniture made is handled with integrity, excellent craftsmanship and focus on customer service. We build all our patio furniture with emphasis on durability and longevity, then price it accordingly. Best of all, LuxCraft poly furniture products are made in the the USA. So by buying our poly furniture, your not only improving your outdoor space, you are also boosting the economy and helping out the environment too.

LuxCraft Poly Outdoor Furniture is Environmentally Friendly!

Poly, also known as High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), is a recyclable plastic derived from post-consumer waste like milk jugs and detergent containers. This recycled plastic material is cleaned in a decontamination process to purity level of over 99% HDPE, then heated and molded into solid board stock material. The end product contains over 90% recycled post consumer waste by weight and makes for the most beautiful Amish made outdoor furniture.

Poly Lumber, an alternative to wood furniture, will not deteriorate!

Poly Lumber is exceptionally resistant to moisture, fading, insects, splintering, warping and other chemicals and hazards of environmental exposure. These typical trappings of wood furniture are of no concern for poly outdoor furniture. Your LuxCraft Poly Furniture is designed to be left out year round and will beautifully withstand coastal areas, blistering sun and frigid winters.

Poly Retains Vibrant Look!

Additionally, poly furniture has a high color stability UV pigment system which minimizes material breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure. Either in the direct sun of Florida or in the cold weather of Minnesota, the color will remain vibrant. During the manufacturing the color pigment is throughout the poly material. So even if you scratch the surface, it will not show a unsightly mix match of colors.

LuxCraft Fine Outdoor Furniture offers a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes.  All our LuxCraft outdoor furniture is extremely strong and pleasantly comfortable.

Luxcraft Gliders - A Review

"After finding Premium Poly Patios, my husband and I found ourselves longing for poly gliders. The promise of maintenance free care was so enticing. We called these folks up and asked for assistance with the many products - who knew there could be so many gliders! These folks were helpful and boy did they know their product! Fast forward three years and we are adding to our Luxcraft furniture collection of gliders purchased way back in 2004. A dining set and a swing oh and we have adirondack chairs too. I can't say how much we just love this furniture. Our friends and family visit and they seem to share the same enthusiasm for it. Heck, I know several of them have become customers at Premium Poly Patios because of enjoying the poly furniture in our back yard. It's an added plus that they are American made - Amish made at that! We love our poly furniture, just love it!"

- Mimi & Joseph Rinehart, Canton, Ohio

Poly material, the Ideal Choice for Patio Furniture!

Premium Poly Patio's poly furniture quickly becomes the focal point of your outdoor entertainment area! Enjoying the great outdoors has become so much more comfortable than days gone by.

LuxCraft Fine Outdoor Furniture is bountiful when it comes to perks of ownership:
  • Environmentally friendly - poly furniture is made from heavy duty, recycled plastic material - each purchase lowers your carbon footprint.
  • No sanding, painting or refinishing for poly furniture. Simply hose it off as needed.
  • Poly Patio Furniture is all weather. It will perform in any weather event - rain, humidity, snow, coastal conditions just as it does on the most perfect of days.
  • Amish Craftsmanship means Exceptional Quality, Premium Poly Patios' Poly Outdoor Furniture is built to last, with durability and sturdiness of heirloom furniture.
  • Luxcraft Poly Furniture is backed by a 20 Year Warranty. You can expect poly outdoor furniture to last for many years.
  • Comfort and Carefree living are priorities for Poly Outdoor Furniture.  Splintering, warping, cracking and bug infestation are a thing of the past. Poly Furniture does not deteriorate like wood furniture.
  • LuxCraft Fine Outdoor Furniture is proudly Made in America!

Luxcraft poly and wood Furniture is an investment. The highest quality outdoor furniture, from a name you can trust, Premium Poly Patios proudly is Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau - We have our thousands of happy customers to thank for that!


Another popular brand is POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture despite not being Amish made, it is made right here in the United States of America with a focus on the highest quality and standard for manufacturing. You can view all of our POLYWOOD Outdoor Furniture here.


We are available by phone, chat or email. Call Premium Poly Patios at (877)-904-1234 with any questions or comments or to place your order today!


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Poly Luxcraft Outdoor Furniture