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Poly Lumber Furniture

Poly Lumber Furniture - Premium Poly Patios

Eco-Friendly Furniture for a World of Difference!

  • Polywood Outdoor Furniture

    Outdoor furniture can come in all styles and colors. We have seen the progression over the years from aluminum framed chairs with vinyl straps to handcrafted teak outdoor furniture. Many of the styles required “elbow-grease” to say the least to keep them looking their best or to be replaced every couple of years after weathering mother natures finest. How many outdoor patio furniture owners would fold and store their furnishings to help protect it from the scorching sun, pounding rain and blistering cold winters?

    The days of old have passed on. We live in a world where going green is the only option to show responsibility to the generations to come. PolyWood Outdoor Furniture offers a “wood grain” look with the durability to last a lifetime. HDPE plastic is the material used for this heavy duty, heavy weight outdoor furniture. HDPE plastic is a material made from recycled plastic bottles such as milk jugs. The recycled plastic is colored a variety of colors and then formed into typical profiles you would find in traditional lumber. The color of this polywood is through and through the furniture so fading is not an issue. It does not require sanding and oiling to keep its new, clean appearance. Simple maintenance is required for this earth friendly product. Typically, soap and water will clean your polywood outdoor furniture with ease. If a stubborn stain is persistent a bleach and water solution will quickly remedy the problem spot.

    A huge selection of furniture styles are now available constructed of polywood, envirowood, permowood, dura-wood and recycled plastic lumber which are many of the names for the same great material. The Classic Adirondack style furniture of the North East is just one of the many popular options you have when shopping for polywood outdoor furniture. You can currently find Polywood adirondack chairs, gliders, benches, rockers, swings and new to the collection this season is children sized furniture.

    Polywood outdoor furniture has proven to stand up to all the elements. Its heavy weight allows it to stand firm in the strongest winds. The blistering sun has proven not to be a match for the saturated color of the poly lumber – it is fade resistant. No need to drag all your polywood furniture indoors to store for the winter it is durable enough to last through the coldest winters and upon the spring thaw just rinse it off and you are ready to enjoy.

  • Folding Adirondack Chair

    Looking for a Folding Adirondack Chair for your patio, garden, deck or poolside area?  The market is now turning to taking this classic style of outdoor furniture and giving it a more versatile appeal. You have several options to choose from to adorn the great outdoors with the classic Adirondack style made popular in the northeast states so long ago.

    These days we are all looking for ways to bring the comforts and convenience of the interior of our homes to the exterior of our homes.  Outdoor patio furniture can now be found in a variety of styles and sizes too.  Children’s Adirondack style furniture is on the rise.  The folding Adirondack chair offers portability for easy storage and folds down to a size that is easily tucked away for the winter months.

    Though the Adirondack style furniture has been around for quite some time little details have changed to make them more and more comfortable.  The latest craze has dealt with the issue of storage for all those in the northeast who which to save their outdoor furniture from the harsh, cold winters and all those snowbirds that want to pack up their patio for the summer months.  Folding Adirondack Chairs are your answer.  Consumer’s choice so far has been to go with the poly lumber folding Adirondack chair.  Not only is it convenient to store with its quick fold ability but it also is made out of recycled poly lumber that is built and designed to last a lifetime.  Poly lumber is HDPE plastic lumber made from recycled milk jugs.  It guarantees not to rush, split, rot or need sanding or refinishing to maintain its beauty.  The folding Adirondack chair still sports the classic style you would expect from an Adirondack chair but it now offers a quick fold for easy storage and convenience.

    We have also found that although the Adirondack chair is designed for folding it does not lose any of its stability or durability.  Folding Adirondack chairs are also available in traditional lumber.  Many people who are looking to furnish the deck of their boat have opted for folding Adirondack chairs for their folding space saver ability.  Many of the ottomans that are sold to complement the folding Adirondack chair can easily fold and store right next to the chair.

    Colors available in the folding Adirondack chair are being added each year to incorporate those who desire the traditional look as well as the bright, vivid look of the tropics.  Folding Adirondack chairs are convenient but will require a bit of muscle to move the chair since they still average about 35 pounds.  Once you make your decision you will be sitting back, relaxing and forgetting about it all!

  • Eco-Friendly Furniture for a World of Difference

    Today it is oh so chic to go green. We look for ways to conserve electric and be more resourceful with heating our homes to fueling our cars. Being green does not mean a loss or a sacrifice it means being conscious of our renewable resources and what it takes to enjoy the resources we have. You now have the option to furnish your home with a truly green furniture that has proven itself for years. For the past decade plus poly lumber furniture has been adorning homes of the environmentally conscience as well as those looking for patio furniture that allows you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without the laboring to keep your outdoor patio furniture looking new.

    Poly-wood furniture is made from recycled milk jugs and the like and promises to not rust, splinter, fade or rot. Thankfully our landfills will not be filled with these plastics that we all know take decades to deteriorate. Now that ominous feature has turned to good in poly lumber because that same quality has now offered furniture that will last a lifetime and then some. The durability of poly wood furniture gives you the option to keep adding to your collection without having to replace rotting pieces. Poly wood furniture does not require sanding, staining or sealing to remain looking in top shape for years and years. Stainless steel hardware fasteners give poly wood furniture the durability to stand up to mother natures harshest of weather, tropical sun, pounding rain, and bitter winters.

    Over the years polywood furniture has become available in traditional earth tone colors as well as bright, vivid tropical colors to accent any outdoor environment from your deck, patio, poolside or backyard. Poly wood furniture is also available in traditional rockers, benches and tables and chairs as well as the classic Adirondack style of furniture made famous in the northeast states. Adirondack poly wood chairs come in the traditional low seating style, Adirondack dining chairs, Adirondack bar chairs, and even Adirondack chaise lounge style. Matching ottomans and side tables quickly complete your outdoor entertaining area.

    Poly wood furniture comes mostly assembled with just a few easy instructions and 15 minutes or so and you have yourself a durable, handsome, long-lasting piece of furniture. So whether you are looking for a “green” alternative to outfit your outdoor atmosphere or you are just looking for some accents to make your backyard more inviting you will be pleased with the promising features and craftsmanship of this revolutionary product that will give you the piece of mind to truly enjoy life knowing that you helped our earth by reducing, reusing and recycling.

  • Adirondack Chair

    The Adirondack Chair originated right here in the USA in Westport, NY. Thomas Lee designed it while on vacation. Originally called the Westport Plank Chair Mr. Lee was looking for a comfortable chair that would be appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Originally, the first Adirondack chair was made from eleven pieces of wood, cut from a single board. The straight seat and back were set at a slant to provide a better “sit” on the steep mountain inclines indicative of the area. A hallmark feature of the Adirondack is the wide armrests which will easily hold food or drinks.

    Hands down friends and family of Thomas Lee agreed that despite the appearance of the Adirondack Chair it was extremely comfortable. Thomas secured a patent in 1904 for his invention and for nearly 20 years variations of the original Adirondack chair were popping up everywhere based on Thomas’ design.

    The trend for these comfortable chairs has continued ever since that first Adirondack sat under the bottom of Thomas Lee. Today’s number one choice for outdoor furniture is the Adirondack style. Modern day carpenters have stretched the Adirondack style to rockers, benches, gliders, settees and dining chairs just to name a few. Often associated with beachfront property, lake side relaxing, swimming pools comfort, decks and green sprawling lawns regardless of your outdoor environment you will be happy with your choice to decorate with the Adirondack chair.

    In the beginning Adirondack chairs were built out of natural wood (Thomas Lee used hemlock) and where then painted green or medium dark brown. Those chair variations created near the seashore went for wood painted white. In today’s world your choices for Adirondack chairs are endless. You can choose from the virtually indestructible poly-lumber (available in a wide array of colors that require very little maintenance), or teak, cypress, plastic and of course you can still find the Adirondack chairs made out of natural wood.

    Enjoy spending time outdoors? Entertaining friends could not be more inviting than with comfortable Adirondack furniture whether it is love seat for cuddling, chairs, a bench, lounge chairs or gliders you will rest assured that you’re providing the best for your guests with the comfort of the timeless Adirondack chair. The curved back, contoured seat and wide arm rest make it a favorite spot for relaxing with friends and family.

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