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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

Due to the demand of the furniture and a resin shortage, it has pushed manufacturing for the furniture behind schedule. As the resin becomes more readily available, this should start to shorten lead times. Be sure to check on each product page for that particular items lead time above the color options. Even certain colors ship faster than others. Hopefully this situation will soon end.

Our Outdoor furniture is made of top quality high-density poly lumber which is UV stabilized colored plastic. The color is solid throughout the material and is fade resistant! It has been know that spraying a UV protecting on your furniture every other month has been know to help with it's luster.

Our lumber is made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and does not contain wood fillers or any type of fibers.

Poly Lumber is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic derived from POST-consumer waste such as milk jugs and plastic packaging that would otherwise end up in a landfill! The material is then cleaned in a decontamination process to an extremely high purity level. The purified recycled plastic is formulated with Ultra-Violet (UV) Stabilizers and color pigments, and formed into various shapes and profiles used to create beautiful and more importantly virtually maintenance-free furniture! It is built to last for years!

As stated earlier, Yes, our light-stable pigments along with UV inhibitors and stabilizers run continuously throughout the material and protect our lumber from harmful environmental degradation. No painting or waterproofing required!

The weight of each chair varies based on the size and shape, but they average 30-50 lbs each.

Depending on the collection and/or manufacturer may vary. An example is POLYWOOD chairs are put through a variety of tests to comply with ASTM standards. POLYWOOD chairs are weight tested to hold up to 400 lbs, although many products can withstand much more. These standards of the weight capacities tend to be across all our manufacturers.

HDPE Plastic aka Poly Material has it's color throughout the material. Due to the nature of the HDPE plastic, paint will not adhere to the material itself. Making it not recommend to try and paint. The good news is, the longevity of the color tends to last a long time. A side note, painting the furniture may void any warranty on the product.

The finish of the HDPE plastic or Poly Material should never be sanded. When the plastic comes out of the extruders and begins the drying process, it tends to leave a tough outer layer of the surface. Once that surface is compromised, it will not be possible to get the original look and feel back. You will end up doing more harm than good by trying to sand the material. Sanding would also void your warranty.

Yes. Adding a cover to your furniture will help in cleaning your furniture and may help with the over all longevity of the product. Visit our Outdoor Furniture Cover category page if you are interested in added a cover to your furniture.

We have found that using a pressure washer that does not use a psi more than 1,500 works well when cleaning your furniture. In the case of not having a power washer, we recommend a 50/50 bleach and water solution used with a soft bristle brush to lightly scrub the surface of the furniture and then rinse with a hose.

On each and every product page you will see a set of tabs. One of those tabs will have a tab named Warranty. There you will find that products warranty information.

All our furniture uses marine-grade stainless steel.

A majority of our furniture is known as 'simple knock down' which means the major components of the product is already assembled and requires minimal assembly. We also have products that ship fully assembled. If you look under the tab Specifications on the product page, it will tell you if assembly is required on that particular product. Most of the time, a link to the actual assembly document is listed there as well, so you can see how simple it is to put the furniture together.

We feature several major high-performance fabrics used in the cushions found on our site. We strive for cushions that are quick-drying, durable and that resist salt, sun, mold, and mildew.

Cushions can be cleaned by several methods, For more information, please see our Care & Maintenance Tips

Most all our furniture can be ordered in two tone color combinations. On each of the product pages, you will see the option to select two colors if it is available. For custom colors and questions, feel free to start a chat or call our 800 number for assistance.

Although covering is not necessary, however covering the furniture can help with cleaning the furniture after a winter season. It will also help in the longevity of the product. Visit our Outdoor Furniture Cover category page if you are interested in added a cover to your furniture.

Yes. However we recommend not allowing the furniture to remain the salty or chlorine water permanently. And always wash the chairs down after removed from the pool.

Yes it can. Just as stated above in cleaning your furniture, it is recommend you take 50/50 bleach and water mix and use a soft bristle brush or rag and clean the surface of your furniture.

Most of our tables come with an umbrella hole. The Finch Collection tables need to be requested upon ordering. On a table's product page on the Specifications Tab, you will see if there is an umbrella hole on that particular table. Signified by a Yes or No. Side tables DO not come with an umbrella hole for safety reasons.

We answer all of your questions, please just submit.

Customer Service Questions

You may check the status of your order by clicking here to our Order Status Lookup Page. You if have created an account, you may also log into your account and view your order in the dashboard to see shipping dates and current production status. If those methods do not work, simply respond to your original order confirmation for an update and our customer service team will research your inquiry and get back to you.

“Contiguous United States” refers to the lower 48 states in North America. We do ship to Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Please contact us for shipping rates to those locations.

Yes, unless you are shipping to Alaska, Puerto Rico or Hawaii. Some exceptions may apply.

Sales tax is determined by the state in which your order is being shipped to.

Please see our Return Policy

Please submit our return request form

Yes, we do! Simply go to the exact product page you are interested in and click on the icon that says, 'Free Color Samples' to the right of the add to cart button. Fill out that form and your request will be handled in the order they are received.

Please Contact Us for assistance.

When shopping on our site, on each product page, just above the color options, you will see a ship date for that item. If you click on a color, that ship date may change, depending on if that color has a different lead time. Those dates will continually be updated, but you will have a idea on how long certain products are taking to be shipped.

You can check the status of your order by either logging into your account (if you created one before you ordered) or you can go to our Order Status page.

Please visit our Customer Service page and fill out the form towards the bottom of the page. In the Select Desired Topic field drop down, Select the Warranty - Missing Hardware selection. We ask that you please submit photos of your warranty claim as well as your original order number.

Currently we only have manufacturing facilities and warehouses for inventory.

Absolutely. A lot of the furniture can be seen around the country in resorts, restaurants and other commercial locations. Feel free to fill out our Contact Us form and someone will get back to you.