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Designer Tips

Outdoor Cushion Tips

Cushions - Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics add zest and appeal to any outdoor entertainment area. Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics come in a wide variety of canvas, synthetic fibers, acrylic or even cotton blends. They are specially treated textiles that undergo a process which makes them repel water and resist soiling and rotting all while impeding mildew growth. Superior in fade resistance, Sunbrella Fabric Cushions and Throw Pillows can quickly add that pop of color and add comfort to suit your personality!

Limited Space?

Use that exterior wall for the backdrop for one side of your dining area. Please a bench flush up against the wall add a table and chairs surrounding the other sides of the table and any size outdoor space can accommodate your entertaining needs!

Open Air Sitting Rooms

Extend your living space through glass or sliding doors with a grouping of low rise, Deep Seating Couch, Chair and Loveseat ensemble. The deep seating pieces bring the comfort of your living room to your outdoor environment and invite your guests to enjoy the great outdoors!

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplace

They don't have to be reserved for cold evenings! Outdoor fireplaces offer instant ambiance as a soft glow casts itself over your outdoor seating area. Whether you choose to complement your outdoor fireplace with adirondack chairs or deep seating outdoor furniture, you and your guests alike will enjoy the mood set by the gentle crackle and oh so familiar smell of a lit fire. Outdoor fireplaces can be built free standing or up against an existing wall. Many plans are available at your local home improvement store.

Commercial Locations

When outfitting your commercial garden, we just LOVE the use of benches! What better way to sit and enjoy a good book, a long overdue chat with a friend or just similar the beauty of the nature that surrounds you. Outdoor benches, available in many sizes and styles bring the comfortable feeling of home to any commercial setting.


Commercial Locations