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Care & Maintenance

All the furniture on our site is made of HDPE plastic resin that has been purified and UV protected. 
It is generally cared for and cleaned with:

  • soap and warm water
  • for additional cleaning power, a 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water solution
  • Got a bit of mildew or mold? Try Tilex - saturate the problem area and allow the Tilex to sit on the furniture in the sun for one hour before you clean it off
  • high pressure power wash can be used (Not to exceed 1,500 psi, which is the equivalent of a car wash.)
  • The surface characteristics of the product may require the use of a soft bristle brush to get into the creases

The hardware used in the assembly and construction of our furniture is an 18-8 commercial grade stainless steel. Although the quality of the hardware has a high level of corrosive resistance, the hardware can show some sign of corrosion in salt air environments.

A practical solution to these signs of corrosion would be to wash the product with soap and water. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub the corroding areas of the hardware. Also, use appliance touch up paint in the appropriate color to protect the hardware. Appliance touch up paint can be purchased at local hardware stores.

The high-density poly lumber used to make Premium Poly Patios furniture is made of UV stabilized colored plastic. It has solid color throughout the material and will not fade.