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Our Product's Warranties

For your convenience, you can now find the warranty available for each specific brand whether it is POLYWOOD®, Berlin Gardens, Siesta™, Malibu Outdoor™, Amish Gardens, Eagle One. Each brand's warranty is detailed on our product page located under the orange tab marked Warranty.

The original purchaser is responsible for providing Premium Poly Patios with the proper documentation needed to determine a resourceful solution to the defect which may include pictures of the issue. Possible solutions are replacement or repair of defective furniture, replacement or repair of defective component or authorization to have product repaired by a third party.

The proper documentation requires providing the proof of purchase with the original receipt and providing Premium Poly Patios with a written explanation of how the defect occurred, as well as pictures.

Once the proper documentation has been received and evaluated, the consumer will be notified of the solution to the defect. If the product is returned to Premium Poly Patios seven (7) or more months after the date of purchase, the consumer is responsible for all shipping charges that may apply.

If you have questions about specific warranty information, email us or call 1-877-904-1234.