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Looking for Siesta Outdoor Furniture?
Well you have come to the right place.
Siesta Outdoor Furniture is also known as Breezesta Poly Furniture and siesta garden furniture is available in over 20 colors. You will love the ability to mix and match these beautiful colors to create your own custom pieces of siesta outdoor furniture. Each piece of Siesta Poly Furniture is made from recycled plastic containers that were originally destined for a landfill near you. Our siesta garden furniture is weather resistant and will not absorb liquid so it is impervious to all weather conditions and is the perfect choice for all climates. Siesta Poly Furniture will not rot, splinter, peel or support bacterial growth which makes it a virtually maintenance free siesta outdoor furniture.
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Mortise and tenon construction
Constructed from recycled poly lumber
Virtually Maintenance Free
Eco-Friendly - made from recycled milk jugs
Marine grade hardware
Requires no sanding, painting or refinishing
Sturdy, heavy weight design
Lifetime warranty

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