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Poly Lumber Furniture

Eco-Friendly Furniture for a World of Difference

Today it is oh so chic to go green. We look for ways to conserve electric and be more resourceful with heating our homes to fueling our cars. Being green does not mean a loss or a sacrifice it means being conscious of our renewable resources and what it takes to enjoy the resources we have. You now have the option to furnish your home with a truly green furniture that has proven itself for years. For the past decade plus poly lumber furniture has been adorning homes of the environmentally conscience as well as those looking for patio furniture that allows you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without the laboring to keep your outdoor patio furniture looking new.

Poly-wood furniture is made from recycled milk jugs and the like and promises to not rust, splinter, fade or rot. Thankfully our landfills will not be filled with these plastics that we all know take decades to deteriorate. Now that ominous feature has turned to good in poly lumber because that same quality has now offered furniture that will last a lifetime and then some. The durability of poly wood furniture gives you the option to keep adding to your collection without having to replace rotting pieces. Poly wood furniture does not require sanding, staining or sealing to remain looking in top shape for years and years. Stainless steel hardware fasteners give poly wood furniture the durability to stand up to mother natures harshest of weather, tropical sun, pounding rain, and bitter winters.

Over the years polywood furniture has become available in traditional earth tone colors as well as bright, vivid tropical colors to accent any outdoor environment from your deck, patio, poolside or backyard. Poly wood furniture is also available in traditional rockers, benches and tables and chairs as well as the classic Adirondack style of furniture made famous in the northeast states. Adirondack poly wood chairs come in the traditional low seating style, Adirondack dining chairs, Adirondack bar chairs, and even Adirondack chaise lounge style. Matching ottomans and side tables quickly complete your outdoor entertaining area.

Poly wood furniture comes mostly assembled with just a few easy instructions and 15 minutes or so and you have yourself a durable, handsome, long-lasting piece of furniture. So whether you are looking for a “green” alternative to outfit your outdoor atmosphere or you are just looking for some accents to make your backyard more inviting you will be pleased with the promising features and craftsmanship of this revolutionary product that will give you the piece of mind to truly enjoy life knowing that you helped our earth by reducing, reusing and recycling.