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Poly Lumber Furniture - Premium Poly Patios

Eco-Friendly Furniture for a World of Difference!

  • What is Poly Lumber Poly wood?

    About High Density Polyethylene (Poly) Plastic Lumber
    All Our Outdoor Furniture is made from Recycled Plastic Poly Lumber.

    Poly Wood (lumber) is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic derived from post-consumer waste such as milk jugs and plastic packaging that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This material is then cleaned in a decontamination process to a high purity level. This purified recycled plastic is formulated with Ultra-Violet (UV) stabilizers and color pigments, and then formed into various shapes and profiles used to create beautiful and maintenance-free furniture that will not fade. Poly wood is processed into a specification product that closely resembles painted and natural wood products.

    Poly lumber (wood) does not absorb water so it will not:

    • Rot
    • Chip
    • Warp
    • Crack
    • Splinter
    • Allow bacterial growth

    No need for staining, painting, stripping, resurfacing or waterproofing!

    Poly wood (lumber) will work just like standard wood. Screws and bolts are the preferred fastener for the attachment of the poly lumber material. Poly wood (lumber) is not attached with adhesives; its surface resists adhesives and the solvents used as carriers for many adhesives. Additionally, Poly wood (lumber) is impervious to paint, stains, and mineral spirits.

    What is Polylumber and Polywood lumber

    Our Poly Lumber has a wood-like grain and look. It is also available in many beautiful colors. It is solid plastic all the way through with no wood fillers. Fade resistant!


    Poly wood (lumber) does not splinter, crack, rot or peel and never needs to be sealed or painted. Stains can be removed with a mild household cleaner. Since Poly wood (lumber) is built to withstand the elements including but not limited to the hot sun, salty sea air, strong winds and cold winter. Poly wood (lumber) furniture can be left outdoors year around in any climate.

    All of this means, sit back, relax and enjoy!

  • Why Use Recycled Plastic Lumber?

    Plastic lumber, poly-wood, permo-wood, envirowood, poly lumber and eco-lumber are all names for the same great product - no matter what you call it - it all still refers to the revolutionary material that is transforming the casual and patio furniture industry. Poly wood is both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

    Constructed from recycled milk jugs and plastic containers, recycled plastic lumber is formed into many of the profiles you would expect from traditional lumber. This feature allows it to be sawed, cut and screwed much the same as wood lumber. It is now being used for decking, railings, picnic tables, benches, patio furniture and even childrens playground equipment. Consumers can rest assured that the use of recycled poly lumber helps to keep billions of pounds of recyclable plastics from entering our every growing landfills. Due to increased environmental awareness post consumer plastic bottle recycling has dramatically increased over the past ten years from 234 million pounds to over a staggering 1.5 billion pounds.

    Traditional hardwood lumber is often treated with hazardous chemicals to ward off possible insect attacks. It also will over time need sanding and some type of refinishing and will also start to rot if left out in the elements for prolonged periods of time. On the contrary, plastic lumber contains no hazardous chemicals and can not leak or contaminate the soil nor does it require any maintenance beyond cleaning as needed which usually just requires hosing off.

    Recycled plastic lumber is built to withstand all of the elements from frosty winters, to tropical sun and salty, windy coastal weather. This plastic lumber is weighty and not to be confused with a thin plastic product that his formed and molded into chairs that you find at many home supply stores. Poly lumber is actually formed into 2x4’s, 2x6’s and the like to then be cut, screwed and assembled into furniture that will adorn your patio, deck, poolside or garden. New applications for this product are being thought up every day. The most recent suggestion was for an artificial reef which would have a life span of 60 years submerged in the ocean.

    Recycled plastic lumber is an economically viable alternative to traditional hardwood lumber. It is built to last a lifetime so there will be no replacing your splintering, bug infested or rotting patio furniture in a matter of years. Recycled plastic lumber is a friend to numerous environmental issues such as deforestation. By using recycled products for furniture you are helping to reduce the use of our forests and precious air filtering trees for our day to day needs! We all know that our forests and trees play a major role in helping prevent global warming.

    Therefore, recycled plastic lumber is quickly becoming a resource that is sought out in all types of applications with both environmental advantages as well as economical advantages. Recycled plastic lumber is definitely a product worth looking into with virtually no maintenance the advantages of this environmentally friendly product is undeniable.

  • Environmental Advantages of Using Recycled Plastic

    Economic Recycling Benefits and Facts
    information supplied by: National Recycling Coalition

    Bullet Well-run recycling programs cost less to operate than waste collection, landfilling, and incineration.
    Bullet The more people recyclethe more economical it gets.
    Bullet Two years after calling recycling a $40 million drain on the city, New York City leaders realized that a redesigned, efficient recycling system could actually save the city $20 million and they have now signed a 20-year recycling contract.
    Bullet Pay-as-you-throw recycling programs helps families save money.
    Bullet Well-designed programs save money. Communities have many options available to make their programs more cost-effective, including maximizing their recycling rates, implementing pay-as-you-throw programs, and including incentives in waste management contracts that encourage disposal companies to recycle more and dispose of less.
    Bullet Recycling creates 1.1 million U.S. jobs, $236 billion in gross annual sales and $37 billion in annual payrolls.
    Bullet Public sector investment in local recycling programs pays great dividends by creating private sector jobs. For every job collecting recyclables, there are 26 jobs in processing the materials and manufacturing them into new products.
    Bullet Recycling creates four jobs for every one job created in the waste management and disposal industries.
    Bullet Thousands of U.S. companies have saved millions of dollars through their voluntary recycling programs. They wouldn't recycle if it didn't make economic sense.

    Environmental Recycling Benefits and Facts
    information supplied by: National Recycling Coalition

    Bullet Recycling and composting diverted nearly 70 million tons of material away from landfills and incinerators in 2000, up from 34 million tons in 1990-doubling in just 10 years.
    Bullet Every ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees.
    Bullet The energy we save when we recycle one glass bottle is enough to light a light bulb for four hours.
    Bullet Recycling benefits the air and water by creating a net reduction in ten major categories of air pollutants and eight major categories of water pollutants.
    Bullet In the U.S., processing minerals contributes almost half of all reported toxic emissions from industry, sending 1.5 million tons of pollution into the air and water each year. Recycling can significantly reduce these emissions.
    Bullet It is important to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Recycling helps us do that by saving energy.
    Bullet Manufacturing with recycled materials, with very few exceptions, saves energy and water and produces less air and water pollution than manufacturing with virgin materials.
    Bullet It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than it does to make it from raw materials. Making recycled steel saves 60%, recycled newspaper 40%, recycled plastics 70%, and recycled glass 40%. These savings far outweigh the energy created as by-products of incineration and landfilling.
    Bullet In 2000, recycling resulted in an annual energy savings equal to the amount of energy used in 6 million homes (over 660 trillion BTUs). In 2005, recycling is conservatively projected to save the amount of energy used in 9 million homes (900 trillion BTUs).
    Bullet A national recycling rate of 30% reduces greenhouse gas emissions as much as removing nearly 25 million cars from the road.
    Bullet Recycling conserves natural resources, such as timber, water, and minerals.
    Bullet Every bit of recycling makes a difference. For example, one year of recycling on just one college campus, Stanford University, saved the equivalent of 33,913 trees and the need for 636 tons of iron ore, coal, and limestone.
    Bullet Recycled paper supplies more than 37% of the raw materials used to make new paper products in the U.S. Without recycling, this material would come from trees. Every ton of newsprint or mixed paper recycled is the equivalent of 12 trees. Every ton of office paper recycled is the equivalent of 24 trees.
    Bullet When one ton of steel is recycled, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone are conserved.
    Bullet Brutal wars over natural resources, including timber and minerals, have killed or displaced more than 20 million people and are raising at least $12 billion a year for rebels, warlords, and repressive governments. Recycling eases the demand for the resources.
    Bullet Mining is the world's most deadly occupation. On average, 40 mine workers are killed on the job each day, and many more are injured. Recycling reduces the need for mining.
    Bullet Tree farms and reclaimed mines are not ecologically equivalent to natural forests and ecosystems.
    Bullet Recycling prevents habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, and soil erosion associated with logging and mining.
  • Opportunities for folding Adirondack Plastic Chair

    Furniture and accessories manufacturers from Cebu are optimistic of penetrating the Russian market.

    A 10-member delegation from Cebu went to Moscow recently on a study mission to penetrate the Russian market through the biggest furniture exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe.

    Eric Vincent Casas, president of the Cebu Furniture Industries Association Inc., said their visit, which was joined by six-member companies, was aimed at helping hone a specific strategy that would expand sales of Philippine furniture in the multimillion dollar Russian market through the Mebel Furniture 2007 furniture exhibition.

    During the said trip, Arthur Akopyan, an associate of the Moscow branch of Expormim, a Spanish furniture firm that also sells pieces to China, Vietnam and Malaysia, said Russia's hosting of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 will fuel a large expansion in furniture sales, a boom that the Philippines can definitely exploit.

    Akopyan said the need to decorate all the new space is expected to spur demand.

    According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippine furniture Polywood glider, Polywood rocker, envirowood, Polywood adirondack, Polywood outdoor furniture, Polywood outdoor, adirondack plastic chairs, Polywood furniture, folding , adirondack chair, Polywood, lifeguard chairs, outdoor adirondack chairs, chaise lounge chairs, adirondack chair, resin patio furniture, outdoor patio furniture cushions is known in Russia and has been repeatedly featured in trade and industry magazines in Russia such as Tabouret, Mebel Tseny, Elle Decor and Salon.

    But at the moment, only two companies are importing Philippine furniture. The top supplier of Philippine-made ethnic furniture, patio furniture cushions, outdoor rockers, outdoor furniture cushions, patio furniture sets, patio furniture chairs, poly wood, patio furniture tables, patio lawn furniture, picnic tables, garden patio furniture, outdoor patio furniture, bar chairs, garden and patio furniture, patio furniture in Russia, the British-owned firm Dreamlake, founded by Michael Robsky, sells Kenneth Cobonpue and Antonio Layug designs exclusively to wealthy oligarchs.


    Posted on: 27 November 2007

  • Kitchen Furniture Market

    DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Major Appliances and Kitchen Furniture Market in Japan to their offering.

    After a turn down during the 1997-2003 periods, the marketplace for household appliances is getting better since 2004 and most likely will reach again the 1997 level (22 million units) between 2006 and 2007.

    This market research declaration studies the major appliances and kitchen furniture market in Japan. International trade is broken down by product (Refrigerators and freezers, Microwaves, Ranges/hobs and ovens, Clothes washers and driers, Dishwashers, Hoods).

    Profiles of the main manufacturers include some other product are included: P olywood glider, Polywood glider, Envirowood, Polywood Adirondack, Polywood outdoor furniture, polywood outdoor, Adirondack plastic chairs

    The chapter on allotment of major appliances outlines the main delivery channels and offers short profiles of the growing distribution chains

    The second (and somewhat smaller) part is dedicated to the kitchen and related furniture such as(Polywood glider, Polywood glider, Envirowood, Polywood Adirondack, Polywood outdoor furniture, polywood outdoor, Adirondack plastic chairs) market in Japan. Production and consumption are given in value and quantity for 2002 and 2006

    A short company profile of the top 5 players present in the Japanese kitchen and other useful furniture market is included such as(P olywood glider, Polywood glider, Envirowood, Polywood Adirondack, Polywood outdoor furniture, polywood outdoor, Adirondack plastic chairs), for the companies Sunwave, Cleanup, JS Group (Tostem, Inax), Takara Standard, Matsushita Denko (Matsushita Electrical).

    In the last chapter one finds a few notes on the kitchen furniture distribution, a list of trade fairs and magazines and a qualitative description of the typical Japanese kitchen.

  • Furniture maker sees profit rise

    Hooker Furniture shuttered in March the 83-year-old company's last domestic wood furniture factory. That action and other cost-cutting measures apparently have yielded what Hooker Furniture executives hoped -- a significant boost to profit during a time of declining sales industry wide.

    The Martinsville-based importer and manufacturer released sales and profit numbers this week for the company's second quarter, which ended July 29. Profit jumped about 300 percent -- up to $4.9 million, or 39 cents per share, from $1.2 million, or 10 cents per share during the second quarter 2006.

    Profit improved even though sales for the quarter declined 11.5 percent to $73.4 million.

    Six-month domino effect fit the same pattern, with profits up and sales down when compared with the same period in 2006.
    Larry Ryder is Hooker Furniture's executive vice president and chief financial officer. On Thursday, Ryder said Hooker Furniture's lines of imported wood furniture have long provided higher earnings margins than furniture made in the company's domestic plants -- where labor costs and other overhead "were captured in the costs of goods." Ultimately, wood furniture produced domestically could not compete with imports.

    Ryder said the company has become more adept at managing import inventories and related costs. Last year, Polywood glider, Polywood rocker, envirowood, Polywood adirondack, Polywood outdoor furniture, Polywood outdoor, adirondack plastic chairs, Polywood furniture, folding , adirondack chair, Polywood, lifeguard chairs, outdoor adirondack chairs, chaise lounge chairs, adirondack chair, resin patio furniture, outdoor patio furniture cushions, patio furniture cushions, outdoor rockers, outdoor furniture cushions, patio furniture sets, patio furniture chairs, poly wood, patio furniture tables, patio lawn furniture, picnic tables, garden patio furniture, outdoor patio furniture, bar chairs, garden and patio furniture, patio furniture, imported furniture sometimes backed up at ports of entry, incurring storage costs, and also required renting additional warehouse space, he said.

    Hooker Furniture still produces upholstered furniture in the United States through subsidiaries Bradington-Young in Cherryville, N.C., and Sam Moore Furniture in Bedford. Hooker acquired Sam Moore in April.

    In the company's earnings report, Paul Toms, Hooker's chairman, chief executive officer and president, said the company expects "the typical increase for furniture sales as we enter the fall."

    Ryder said Hooker Furniture believes sales will increase for the fall season, as they have historically, even as the housing slump and subprime mortgage woes continue and consumers become increasingly cautious about spending.

    On Thursday, the price of Hooker Furniture stock, which trades on the Nasdaq exchange, closed at $20.59, up $3.16.

  • POLYWOOD Outdoor furniture market providing a green option

    In the day of living green you could not be more pleased with the way the market has come up with innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Poly-Wood, Inc. is the leader in the outdoor furniture market for providing a green option for those to outfit their great outdoors.

    Poly wood is simply an HDPE plastic that is made from recycled plastic particularly from milk jugs and bottles. The recycled plastic is then shaped into various wood profiles you would find in a traditional wood product, two by fours, one by sixes, and the like. Once the plastic is formed it is then cut, sawn, routered, drilled, screwed and assembled to make many of the classic outdoor furniture pieces that we have come to use in our backyards, pool sides, decks and patios. One of the greatest features of poly wood outdoor furniture is the fact that it is virtually indestructible. It will not rust, splinter or rot and it does not require any sanding, painting, refinishing or treating to keep it looking like new. This heavy duty plastic outdoor furniture only requires a rinse of a hose or a scrub brush with a little bit of muscle behind it for any stubborn stains and you are ready to enjoy your Polywood-Furniture year after year.

    POLYWOOD has created a variety of adirondack chairs with different features to suit all people. You can find folding adirondack chairs that offer portability for storage. You can choose from a curved back or shell back adirondack chairs that offer a contoured back for added comfort. These plastic adirondack chairs are available in a wide variety of standard colors and now bright, vivid colors that will add a bit of tropics to any outdoor environment.

    Adirondack chairs are not the only style of furniture made from Poly-wood, Inc. You will be pleased to know that you can find POLYWOOD outdoor furniture in numerous styles of dining chairs many that fold have a reclining back or that can stack for easy storage. Tables are available in both bar and bistro heights in round, oval, rectangle and square shapes. Poly-wood, Inc. makes rockers in various colors and styles for relaxing the day away. Gliders made from poly wood are also a big hit. POLYWOOD gliders offer the durability of poly wood with little to no maintenance as well as a smooth gliding motion with little effort on your part.

    Poly-Wood, Inc. is not the only manufacturer of recycled plastic lumber furniture. Permo-Wood, Eco Lumber, Enviro-Lumber and EnviroWood are just a few others that are jumping on the band wagon, so to speak, and providing the consumer with green choices for furnishing our outdoor environments with class and style and ease of caring for our furniture as well as caring for the earth we all live on.

  • Polywood Outdoor Furniture

    Outdoor furniture can come in all styles and colors. We have seen the progression over the years from aluminum framed chairs with vinyl straps to handcrafted teak outdoor furniture. Many of the styles required “elbow-grease” to say the least to keep them looking their best or to be replaced every couple of years after weathering mother natures finest. How many outdoor patio furniture owners would fold and store their furnishings to help protect it from the scorching sun, pounding rain and blistering cold winters?

    The days of old have passed on. We live in a world where going green is the only option to show responsibility to the generations to come. PolyWood Outdoor Furniture offers a “wood grain” look with the durability to last a lifetime. HDPE plastic is the material used for this heavy duty, heavy weight outdoor furniture. HDPE plastic is a material made from recycled plastic bottles such as milk jugs. The recycled plastic is colored a variety of colors and then formed into typical profiles you would find in traditional lumber. The color of this polywood is through and through the furniture so fading is not an issue. It does not require sanding and oiling to keep its new, clean appearance. Simple maintenance is required for this earth friendly product. Typically, soap and water will clean your polywood outdoor furniture with ease. If a stubborn stain is persistent a bleach and water solution will quickly remedy the problem spot.

    A huge selection of furniture styles are now available constructed of polywood, envirowood, permowood, dura-wood and recycled plastic lumber which are many of the names for the same great material. The Classic Adirondack style furniture of the North East is just one of the many popular options you have when shopping for polywood outdoor furniture. You can currently find Polywood adirondack chairs, gliders, benches, rockers, swings and new to the collection this season is children sized furniture.

    Polywood outdoor furniture has proven to stand up to all the elements. Its heavy weight allows it to stand firm in the strongest winds. The blistering sun has proven not to be a match for the saturated color of the poly lumber – it is fade resistant. No need to drag all your polywood furniture indoors to store for the winter it is durable enough to last through the coldest winters and upon the spring thaw just rinse it off and you are ready to enjoy.

  • Polywood

    Plastic versus Poly don’t know the difference, well keep reading. Plastic outdoor patio furniture that so many of us are accustomed to seeing at the local home improvement store or even at the local super market is lightweight, goes swimming every time the wind blows and is easily broken. You will find plastic outdoor furniture only available in white or green that I have seen. Did I mention that quite often it needs to be replaced every year due to the chalky film that develops after a couple of months in the hot sun?

    Poly outdoor furniture, on the other hand, is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic which is made from recycled milk jugs, bottles and containers. The HDPE plastic is then formed into typical wood profiles that will later be cut, drilled and screwed into sustainable outdoor furniture, decking, and a variety of commercial uses that are built to last a lifetime. Poly outdoor furniture is weighty and will withstand the north wind blowing as the lightest adirondack chair is weighing in at about forty pounds.

    There are now several poly lumber furniture manufacturers taking the outdoor patio furniture market by storm. The company on the leading edge is Poly-Wood outdoor furniture which is a name brand for recycled poly lumber furniture. PolyWood outdoor furniture may cost you more initially however is a far wiser investment when you consider the longevity of the outdoor furniture and the virtually maintenance free qualities. Poly-Wood outdoor furniture is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty which promises that it will not rust, split or splinter. PolyWood outdoor furniture uses commercial grade stainless steel with an additional “Xylan” protective and cosmetic coating. All these features intentionally planned to create sustainable outdoor furniture built to last a lifetime.

    Poly-Wood outdoor furniture is available in a wide variety of styles to complement any outdoor environment. You will find the classic Adirondack chair in several styles and a minimum of six traditional colors and six bright, vivid colors. Also, you can find Traditional Benches, Rockers, Gliders, Dining and Bistro Tables, Dining Chairs and Bistro Chairs and Swings all made out of sustainable PolyWood outdoor furniture.

    In the end you need to decide whether you are interested in sustainable PolyWood outdoor furniture for a lifetime of enjoyment that will withstand high winds and blazing sun. Or you can go with lightweight plastic furniture that will blow in the breeze, chalk and crack after a few years of use and then be tossed aside to further fill our overflowing landfills.

  • Folding Adirondack Chair

    Looking for a Folding Adirondack Chair for your patio, garden, deck or poolside area?  The market is now turning to taking this classic style of outdoor furniture and giving it a more versatile appeal. You have several options to choose from to adorn the great outdoors with the classic Adirondack style made popular in the northeast states so long ago.

    These days we are all looking for ways to bring the comforts and convenience of the interior of our homes to the exterior of our homes.  Outdoor patio furniture can now be found in a variety of styles and sizes too.  Children’s Adirondack style furniture is on the rise.  The folding Adirondack chair offers portability for easy storage and folds down to a size that is easily tucked away for the winter months.

    Though the Adirondack style furniture has been around for quite some time little details have changed to make them more and more comfortable.  The latest craze has dealt with the issue of storage for all those in the northeast who which to save their outdoor furniture from the harsh, cold winters and all those snowbirds that want to pack up their patio for the summer months.  Folding Adirondack Chairs are your answer.  Consumer’s choice so far has been to go with the poly lumber folding Adirondack chair.  Not only is it convenient to store with its quick fold ability but it also is made out of recycled poly lumber that is built and designed to last a lifetime.  Poly lumber is HDPE plastic lumber made from recycled milk jugs.  It guarantees not to rush, split, rot or need sanding or refinishing to maintain its beauty.  The folding Adirondack chair still sports the classic style you would expect from an Adirondack chair but it now offers a quick fold for easy storage and convenience.

    We have also found that although the Adirondack chair is designed for folding it does not lose any of its stability or durability.  Folding Adirondack chairs are also available in traditional lumber.  Many people who are looking to furnish the deck of their boat have opted for folding Adirondack chairs for their folding space saver ability.  Many of the ottomans that are sold to complement the folding Adirondack chair can easily fold and store right next to the chair.

    Colors available in the folding Adirondack chair are being added each year to incorporate those who desire the traditional look as well as the bright, vivid look of the tropics.  Folding Adirondack chairs are convenient but will require a bit of muscle to move the chair since they still average about 35 pounds.  Once you make your decision you will be sitting back, relaxing and forgetting about it all!

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